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With summer approaching, Alexa can help you stay entertained and connected with all the summer activities.

Scroll down to see the best things to ask Alexa that keep you entertained, active, and informed with the Top 10 Alexa tips & tricks for the summer.

"Alexa, tell me a joke of the day."

Unlike the trees, Alexa never throws shade when the sun's out. So start your day with a laugh, or spice up the backyard BBQ with some one-liners.
Girl laughing Alexa jokes and Alexa calendar help
Man ready for summer Alexa weather updates

"Alexa, what's the UV index today?"

Heading out? Protect your skin (and your summer) using Alexa's UV index.

"Alexa, what's on my calendar today?"

Keep track of family camping trips, play-dates, and other summer fun. Ask Alexa to add your events so everyone in the family knows what's on the schedule. Say "Alexa, add Family Vacation to the calendar" and start packing!
Family dancing to Alexa play music everywhere

"Alexa, play summer playlist everywhere."

Try this popular Alexa feature and celebrate the summer by playing music throughout your home on the everywhere group.
Try this routine
“Alexa, enable the Start my Day Routine.”
Alexa will tell you something new, update you about the weather and traffic, then start your Flash Briefing.

"Alexa, start
7-minute workout."

Stay active and happy with Alexa and your 7-minute workout! Keep your body feeling good to kick your summer off right. Are you ready? Let's go!
Alexa fitness skill, seven minute workout with yoga mat
Bonus Tip

Alexa is even better when you have the app!


"Alexa, call my hiking crew."

Looking to get outside this summer? Use Group Calling to make plans or recap your latest adventure with the crew! Try Group Calling on any Echo device. Watch the video to learn how.
Father and daughter celebrating fathes day. Alexa Father's Day gift ideas

"Alexa, give me gift ideas for Father's Day."

Simply ask Alexa to help you navigate the online gift guide. Find a gift for any occasion and conveniently check out on your device.

"Alexa, entertain me."

Summer travel isn't in everyone's plan, but summer fun is. Get the group together and try these Alexa Skills to stay entertained. Try skills like HBO Max Recommends, Spotify, or Jeopardy! to keep the fun going all summer long.
Man in bed using Alexa alarm tones to try

"Alexa, wake me up to Jurassic World alarm tone."

Wake up how you want to! Sift through a collection of alarm tones to customize how you use Alexa alarm tones. Browse tones from Disney Pixar, Disney Music, Nickelodeon, and more!

"Alexa, turn on patio lights."

Let Alexa light up your evenings when you add smart lights and plugs to your outdoor oasis.
People eating outside with light using Alexa smart home lights help

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