FREE Shipping
FREE Shipping by Amazon

FREE Shipping by Amazon

Order $25 or more to qualify for
FREE Shipping on over 100 million items.

FREE Shipping

Predictable: Orders arrive on the day you choose


Look for "FREE Shipping" next to
the item price when shopping.
All your items arrive on the same day


Add at least $25 of eligible
items to your cart.
Step 3


Select "FREE Shipping" at
checkout, and your order will
arrive in 5-8 business days.

Free delivery on your first qualifying order
  • Free delivery on first order (the "Offer") applies to the Free Delivery option and excludes other delivery options such as One-Day Delivery, Same-Day Delivery, Standard Delivery. For further info on ‘Shipping Rates & Times’, please click here.
  • The Offer applies only to items shipped by Amazon and ordered on ("Qualifying Items"), excluding orders shipped through Amazon Pantry, Prime Now, Amazon Fresh and Amazon Business.
  • Items which are shipped by Amazon are indicated by the messages "Fulfilled by Amazon" or "Ships from and sold by" on the product detail page.
  • The Offer is valid only to shipping addresses in the 50 states of the United States and the District of Columbia.
  • The Offer only applies to customers who have created an Amazon account but have not previously placed an order with Customers who have previously made an order on (including AmazonPantry, AmazonFresh, AmazonPrime, Digital, Prime Now and Amazon Business), regardless of whether the item has been sold by Amazon or a third party seller, are not eligible to take advantage of the offer.
  • Each eligible Amazon customer can claim a maximum of one Offer. If you cancel your first order before it ships, you can claim the offer for your next qualified purchase.
  • The Offer cannot be transferred to another customer account.
  • If you want to take advantage of the offer, you must
  1. Add all qualifying items to your shopping cart
  2. Choose ‘FREE Shipping on First Order’ at checkout
  3. Complete your order on the checkout page
  • For every additional order under $25, Amazon will charge shipping. For further info on ‘Shipping Rates & Times’, please click here. The shipping costs are automatically deducted from the invoice amount if the conditions for use are met.
  • Amazon’s Conditions of use apply