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Reviewed in the United States on September 23, 2019
This controller looks good, feels good (for the most part), and I had no trouble connecting it to my system. The triggers are ok, but the A/B/X/Y buttons are loud, sticky, and require you to push them in farther than normal to actually activate.

I can forgive the above, but the real problem is the analog sticks. They are completely unusable. The sticks physically feel very nice and move smoothly the whole time. However, the input deadzone is HUGE, so much so that moving the stick 50% in any direction doesn't even register as an input. The next 10% moves at a slow speed, and the last 40% is at top speed. Usage in games (especially First Person Shooters) is impossible as precise movement is not achievable during real gameplay.

I hope that describes the problem well. I don't think this is a one time defect, as other reviewers have mentioned the same difficulties. It sounds like many of the five-star reviewers are either inexperienced, disingenuous, or bought this controller as a gift.

If this IS a defect, I would be happy to try a new controller. But for now, I will be refunding and picking up an official (used) controller from my local game store for the same price.
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