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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on June 3, 2022
A lovely anthology of stories about single dads, and them discovering love again and looking towards the future, these stories are set in beautiful small towns that are always there for each other and they are all beautifully written and are sure to please any reader.

All My Heart
Rhonda Forrest

When school teacher Tess moves to Tranquil Bay in North Queensland for a short teaching position, she never even thinks that it will change her life forever, these students are nothing like her private school students and even though they give her a hard time at first it is not long before she and them are learning together. When she meets one of her students father’s, single dad Joel and they hit it off so well and an accident brings them closer together, Tess soon discovers that being in Tranquil Bay with Joel is the place she should be.
Beautifully written, this is filled with lots of emotion as the reader gets to know Joel and Tess and the students, a beautiful town that I would love to visit.

The Green Place
Louise Forster

Grace is an investigative reporter and has travelled the world in many dangerous places but at the moment she is on assignment for Vogue magazine and doing a piece on sustainable farming and is sent to country Victoria and to meet farmer Joe, Joe is a single dad and not overly impressed about Grace arriving but when they meet there is a spark that neither can deny and soon Grace is getting on so well his son and himself that life is moving forward in a very happy way for them all.
This story is filled with emotion and fabulous characters and such a fabulous setting, such a happy story filled with love.

Love Between
Leanne Lovegrove

Caleb is a top chef in the city until disaster hits and then he loses his sister and suddenly Caleb is now fathering his five year old niece in a small country town Bellthorpe and not coping really well that is until local Bridie, strawberry farmer steps in and changes everything. I loved Caleb and Bridie and the community who step in and help as needed it shows love and caring in such a fabulous way.
This is a moving and beautiful story that is sure to make any true romance readers heart soar with happiness.

Meggie & Max
Susan Mackie

I loved being back in Barrington, it was like coming home to family as we meet newcomer Max and his son they have been through some tough times and a new start in this beautiful town maybe just what they need.
Meggie is home from The States for her brother’s wedding, her decision to not go back is fabulous news for Angus and Rose and when Meggie meets the new locum vet Max and his gorgeous son life is suddenly making lots of sense and with so much joy.
A beautiful story, fabulous characters and a fabulous small country town that is just the place to start over.

The Son
Emma Powell

Tina has finally returned to Australia after years in The States, this music star’s life has not been what most people would think it should be, and when she is judging a talent contest the one that shot her to fame she really starts to think about her life and future.
Clay is a local farmer and single dad but he is also one fabulous singer as is his daughter Samantha and Samantha is entered into the contest as well, meeting Tina has Clay thinking about his future and soon Clay has Tina on his mind more than he maybe should.
Clay and Tina are drawn together and the spark and pull is something that cannot be denied for long, it was beautiful to see them both find such happiness and joy as they both deserved.

I loved volume one and I love this one even more, I do highly recommend this book to any reader who loves a good story that is sure to keep you turning the pages, packed with emotions and fabulous characters it will leave you feeling very happy as we see some wonderful people find love and happiness.
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