Cancel or Change Your Trade-In

After your trade-in has been submitted, it can't be changed. You can either cancel and resubmit another trade-in, or only send the items you wish to trade in. If your items are accepted after appraisal, you'll be paid for the items received and the missing items will be marked as "missing".

To cancel your trade-in:
  1. Go to Your Trade-In Account.
  2. Click Cancel Order under the trade-in order number.

Note: If you've already shipped your trade-in but changed your mind, visit Your Trade-In Account and click Cancel. If your trade-in submission hasn't been received before the cancellation was requested, your trade-in items will be returned to you. If you have received an Instant Payment for cancelled submissions, please review the Amazon Trade-In Terms & Conditions. Trade-in submissions cannot be cancelled after they have been received.

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