Buy Now Ordering

Buy Now is an express purchase experience that lets you review and change details, such as payment method and delivery speed, before placing your order, while still checking out quickly.

Once you've placed your first order using a credit or debit card as payment, these payment details are automatically stored as your default Buy Now payment preference. These payment preferences are also enabled for Alexa, Kindle, and other digital purchases that you can purchase immediately, using a single click.

If you select Buy Now on any product page, we'll charge the default payment method on your account and deliver to your default address. You can check whether the delivery and payment information are correct in the Buy Now pop-up, or on the order review/checkout screen, before placing your order.

If you want to change the delivery or payment information shown for an order in the Buy Now pop-up, select the option you want to change, update your preference, and place your order. To change any options from the order review/checkout screen, select Change on the relevant section.

To change your default Buy Now settings, go to Your Purchase Preferences.

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