Recycling Your Amazon Device

Amazon recognizes the importance of recycling electronic equipment at the end of its useful life, which is why we offer both the option to trade-in your device and a recycling program for electronic items including Amazon devices and accessories. In some areas, the disposal of rechargeable batteries and certain electronic devices is regulated, so please make sure you dispose of Amazon devices, accessories and batteries in accordance with your local laws and regulations.

Before submitting a device for Trade-In or recycling, we recommend that you (i) perform a factory reset in order to remove any of your personal content from the applicable device(s) and (ii) deregister the device(s) from your account. We also recommend that back up your applicable device(s) before performing the factory reset if you want to restore your settings on another compatible Amazon device.

Trade-In Your Device

The Amazon Trade-In program allows customers to receive an Gift Card in exchange for thousands of eligible items, including Amazon devices and non-Amazon devices. Even non-working devices are eligible. Visit the Amazon Trade-In storefront to see what options might be available for you to receive an Gift Card for trading in your device by following this link:

Or you can follow the steps below to recycle your device.

Recycle Your Device

To recycle your Amazon devices and accessories through the Amazon Recycling Program, please visit the website of our certified recycler through this link:

Amazon Recycling Program

The information you enter at that website will be used to generate a UPS shipping label for you to print. Simply follow the packaging guidelines and then drop your packaged Amazon device or accessory off at the nearest UPS location. Amazon covers all the costs associated with shipping and recycling your Amazon devices and accessories through our Amazon Recycling Program.

All devices and batteries sent for recycling will undergo material reclamation by a licensed recycling facility. All identifying marks or personal information will be erased or destroyed before or during the recycling process.

Information on poundage recycled in the Commonwealth of Virginia is reported annually at this website.

Information on recycling electronics in California can be found on CalRecycle’s eRecycle page in both English and Spanish.

Additional Information

You can find Customer Service contact information and other applicable terms and device information (including how to recycle your device in additional countries) at

You can recycle your device through the Amazon Recycling Program. 

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