Can't Register Device or Software Application

If you're having problems registering your device or software application to your Amazon account, follow these steps.

Before you begin, make sure that:

  • Your device or application is running the latest available software version.
  • You're entering the login information (i.e. email address or mobile number) you use to sign into your Amazon account.
  • Your Amazon login information is current by going to Your Account.
  • Your email client is not filtering incoming mail from Amazon to a junk or spam folder if you login with your email.

Amazon requires an additional authentication process when registering certain devices and software applications. Follow these steps to complete registration if this is the case:

  1. Choose to register your device or software application.
  2. Enter your login information to sign into your Amazon account (i.e. email address or mobile number). An email or text will be sent using the same method you choose.
  3. Check for a notification via email or text from Amazon containing a temporary one time password. It is time sensitive and must be used within 10 minutes of receipt.
  4. Register your device or software application using the same email address or mobile number used in Step 2, along with the temporary password.
  5. Your device or software application should now be successfully registered to your Amazon account.

If you have enabled Two-Step Verification on your account and are having trouble registering your device or application, visit Alternate Sign In for Two-Step Verification.

Amazon App Suite

If you're having problems registering your Amazon App Suite on your Android phone, your current version may no longer be supported. You should remove the Amazon App Suite widget and install the Amazon Underground app.

Follow these steps to remove the Amazon App Suite widget:

  1. Go to the Home Screen panel that contains the Amazon App Suite widget in your device.
  2. Press and hold the Amazon App Suite widget until the Remove notification appears on screen.
  3. Drag the Amazon App Suite widget to the top of the screen. Once it turns red, release it to remove it from the Home Screen panel.

To continue using your apps and games from Amazon, go to on your Android phone.

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