Approve a Teen's Order

When a teen places an order, a parent can review and approve the order through Your Orders, by email, or by text.

If your teen's order is below your preset spending limit, you won’t be asked to approve your teen’s order. You'll be notified of the purchase. You can change these settings in the teen’s profile in Manage Your Household.

To approve a teen's order do one of the following:

  • Go to Your Orders to see orders placed by your teen. In the Amazon app, Your Orders can be accessed through the main app menu. Approve or decline each order awaiting approval.
  • When you receive a text from Amazon requesting approval, reply with "Y" to approve the order. This option is not available if there are multiple orders waiting for approval or if the order contains more than four items. Instead, the text message will direct you to Your Orders to approve the order.
  • When you receive an email from Amazon requesting approval, select the approval link in the email to approve the order.

Note: After 48 hours, unapproved orders expire.

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