Conserve Your Kindle E-Reader Battery

Wondering why your Kindle doesn't stay charged?

Is your Kindle new or recently set up? In the first few days as you download books and install updates, the battery drains. Please keep your Kindle charging during this time.

After set up, use our tips to conserve battery power:

  • Lower your device's light settings: Devices with a built-in light use more battery.
  • Turn off your device's internet connection when not in use.
  • Make sure to use a compatible USB cable to charge your Kindle (preferably the one that came with it).
  • Put your device to sleep when done reading. Press the power button once briefly.
  • Keep your device charging during large downloads.
  • Keep your device charging for a period of time after large downloads. After downloading, your Kindle indexes your books to provide search capability, but it affects battery life.

Note: Your Kindle automatically updates when it's not in use, affecting battery life.

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