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4.6 | 2,529 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I'm very satisfied. I had a high-end soundcard (HT OMEGA Claro Halo) on my previous computer and got spoiled by it. When I got a new computer recently, I had the full intention to remove that soundcard and install it on the new computer. But it was too late when I discovered that it was a PCI card, and the new motherboard did not have a PCI slot. It seemed that the only option was to spent $250 to buy a similar high-end soundcard with PCIE.

Needless to say, I'm glad to discover this product. A $25 solution versus $250. The sound quality of the RCA output is every bit as good as HT OMEGA Claro Halo. I expect the output from the 3.5mm mini jack to be the same quality, although I have not tried it yet.

Compared to the internal soundcard of the new computer, this
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By Gao Atamazon
This solved my noisy headphone out on the TV to the the Yamaha amp. The instructions are almost unreadable due to the size but hook up is relatively simple. Run from USB or included power adapter, attach optical cord to the TV and run to the audio input on the amp. Make sure your TV is set to PCM as this will not decode Dolby Multi channel. Stereo Only. This gem has cleared the buzz and delivers a clean image. Voices on video has cleared on all sources. My daughter thought there was a thunderstorm but it was The Star Ship Enterprise rumbling during a Bluray test. Streaming from the Roku sounds just as good (depending on the source materiel) I run all thru the HDMI to the optical out on the TV and quite satisfied with the performance. Side note: Use
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By Keith D. Robinson
I ordered this to replace another brand of inexpensive DAC which I owned, because the other unit had terrible performance measurements (which, incidentally, were clearly audible). I have owned several pieces of FiiO gear in the past and liked them, so it seemed a low risk.

This inexpensive little box does a great job. Through the optical input it has very very flat frequency response and low distortion across the audio band, and respectable maximum analog output of 1.25V before clipping. It was all I needed for the system in my office and I'm not disappointed. Be aware that it is designed for PCM stereo audio only and not Dolby or other multichannel systems.
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By Gregory E. Dunn
4.5 | 855 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have my TV wall mounted over the fireplace and there is a HDMI cable running behind the wall from there to the receiver in my basement (~35 feet). I used to rely on HDMI ARC to have the sound sent to Receiver and Speakers from the TV. ARC is not reliable and is very inconsistent in delivering audio to the speakers when I am playing some videos directly from TV.
To resolve this issue, I planned to pass the audio from the Optical output of the TV to Optical Input of the Receiver through a coaxial cable installed for Cable purpose. To convert the Optical Output Signal to Coaxial Signal, I bought this ROOFULL DAC and on the other end I used another converter to convert the Coaxial Signal to Optical Signal. I had little confusion in the beginning on how to use these converters but after contacting customer care,
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By Sri Adusumilli
This is a really nice little converter. I use it to drive powered speakers from my TV (instead of the low-quality TV speakers). I would expect it to work well with any other device that has a digital optical output.

This rather small, well-built metal box came with the digital optical cable (TOSLINK), and the power supply. (Also, a coax cable, which I didn't need or use.) It was very easy to plug the optical cable into the back of the TV, and the other end into the converter. Then connect the power supply, and the 3.5 mm stereo plug for powered speakers and we were up and running.

Please note that the TV no longer controls the volume levels. That is now controlled by the audio device that is being driven by the converter. In my case, that's a medium quality set of computer speakers.

I expected something like this to cost
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By Mitt
I don't yet notice a difference in sound quality between this device and running the optical output straight to my amp. I may notice a slight bit of added latency but it's almost too small to notice, even for someone who is very sensitive to that sort of thing.

I needed this device for a specific purpose. I wanted to use a bluetooth transmitter simultaneously with my amp's speaker output. The transmitter could take input from the headphone jack of my amp, but it shuts off the speakers. The amp has an analog line-level outputs, but it only outputs when the amp is receiving analog input. So to piece things together, I have the TV optical output lead into this device, which outputs to the amp's analog input, then the analog out from the amp goes to my bluetooth transmitter. Thus, I can have speakers on and the headphones on, or
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By Chuck
4.4 | 1,629 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have been revamping our hi-fi and selling old components then replacing them with newer ones. I have been using a Sony DVD player as a CD player until I can find a better transport. I was attracted to the FiiO D3 because of the small size and the various glowing reviews online. Let me say that all of the positive reviews are well deserved. This little DAC can make your digital sources sing! Vocals, cymbals, guitars, pianos, and even synths just sound much better. The soundstage has improved as well as the imaging of musicians between the speakers.

For the price this little DAC is a steal. I have owned Audio Alchemy, California Audio Labs, Parasound, Fosgate Audionics, and Emotiva DACs. The FiiO DAC is a "giant-killer" if you consider the price. Will it go head to head with a Mark Levinson? No. Does it provide an amazing improvement over
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By Jessica Robinson
Very few TVs today have analog audio outputs, which makes hooking up a TV to an older AV receiver (or excellent analog-only stereo amps) difficult. I used this FiiO as an in-line solution between a Samsung TV's optical digital audio output and an old Onkyo integrated amp. It sounds great, but most importantly, it's been running for months now--so consistently that I forgot it was even in the chain.

It's everything you want in a simple DAC: Sonically transparent with rock-solid reliability.
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By georghem
I use The FiiO D3 (D03K) to connect Digital Optical Audio out from my Samsung smart TV to a 3.5mm jack on a QOFOWIN wireless Bluetooth audio transmitter. The FiiO D3 (D03K) is finicky. Even after double and triple checking the connections and setting the TV audio out to PCM format, it randomly works with blue locked in light on than it doesn't with the red locked in light on.

I gave it 3 stars because when it does what it is supposed to do, it is great. Being able to connect my Samsung to a Blue tooth audio transmitter and in turn my my wife's Bluetooth earbuds is a blessing. I can sleep while she is up late watching whatever. When it doesn't work, sleep for me, thus 3 stars instead of 5.

I suspect that I got a bad unit. I'm going to
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By jrg
4.5 | 366 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Firstly, Amazon screwed up the first time and sent the wrong item - a similar switch from another supplier that cost about a third less, and worked only about a third as well. Sometimes it takes using an inferior product to recognize the incredible value of a quality item. I've used J-Tech products before and have always been impressed by the overall quality of manufacture. The J-Tech 4x2 matrix SPDIF TOSLINK switch might look like similar, less-expensive items, but it's much better built. The housing is very durable and the electronics are well-constructed. In contrast, the other switch had a cheap metal housing and some of the TOSLINK jacks actually physically disappeared inside the device when trying to connect an optical cable to them. Those jacks were evidently soldered directly to a circuit board without any physical support to hold them in place. In contrast, the J-Tech components are solid
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By A voracious reader
Despite claiming to support only <= 96 kHz sample rates (officially the highest TOSLINK sample rate), I am successfully feeding my DAC all the PCM sample rates at my disposal: 44.1/88.2/176.4 kHz and 48/96/192 kHz, with affordable 6 ft long TOSLINK cables from PI Manufacturing and Kabeldirekt.
I can see the sample rate on both ends, and even 192 kHz works fine. One caveat: wiggling any of the four TOSLINK connectors involved causes dropouts. Play with that if you have connection issues.

While the remote has a pretty narrow angle in which it works, the receiver is more tolerant. Pair it with a better remote like the Logitech Harmony 665 universal remote, and the switch becomes much easier to operate. Then you can also define sequences to switch the input for both outputs with just one button press.

I do not like that the interface on the device is ordered in reverse, showing
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By Jonas Dohu
I bought this to work with my Logitech Harmony Home Hub. The Harmony Hub works really well to control this device directly. However, it required some tweaking for the Harmony to control this device as part of activities.

This switch has never turned off as a part of a step in a Harmony activity. It turns off fine when I issue individual commands to it. But, I want to control all of my components with activities, so I just leave the switch on all of the time. For each activity that required audio to go through this switch, I added a 5 second delay and an additional command to change the switch to the correct input. This has gotten the switch to work reliably.

It seems that this switch is very susceptible to IR interference. It works fine when the Harmony hub is only sending commands to it. However, it does not
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By Amazon Customer
4.4 | 829 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Convenient USB connection so no power cables and most of all IT WORKS AWESOME!!! I have a 2015 Samsung 55" smart TV with only ONE, count them, ONE, audio output and it's an optical interface. So I tried the cheaper ADCs and NONE worked, but this one, it's a total champ and the sound delay is minuscule. Nice little package too.
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By Al Martin
The Avantree DAC does a great job. I am a professional musician, and sound quality is very important to me. The sound quality is excellent, and the separate volume control on the Avantree is a good feature to have. For $30, I am able to hook up my bluetooth speaker to my flatscreen TV, and the sound is clean and in stereo on most stations. I am thankful to have found this product before spending ten times the money on a soundbar.

Please note: You may need a 1/8-inch-to-RCA adapter if you don't already have one.
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By jazzykitty
Works really well. BUT DOES AFTER ONLY A COUPLE MONTHS USE. :-( Does NOT support HD sound so if you have a blue ray player you won't be able to take advantage of the advanced sound features. But it does work well and I've run my stereo in dolby surround and advanced theatre settings and this device has performed well. Also this device unlike many others has a volume control so between the device volume and my stereo volume control there is no issue with audio being loud enough.
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By Careful Shopper
4.3 | 10,930 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I recently bought a 40" Samsung 4K TV at a low sale price to replace the smaller 1080 HD TV that I had in my den. However, being satisfied with the new TV otherwise, I was disappointed to find that it had neither Bluetooth nor audio out connections that I could use to connect it to my Pyle stereo amplifier for the external sound system. The only audio outputs available from the TV were the optical output and HDMI, neither of which the Pyle amplifier had an input for.

Looking up what was available to rectify the situation, I first ordered from Amazon an Avantree aptX Low Latency Bluetooth Transmitter that had an optical input connection. It provided a very good Bluetooth connection to my Pyle amplifier, but no direct, hardwired audio connection, which I prefer to use. Researching further, I found the PROZOR, at a much cheaper price than the
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By Searcher
This converter box is all you need to connect your stereo headphones to a TV that does NOT come with a 3.5 mm port but instead features a DIGITAL AUDIO OUT port. It took me a while to become familiar with digital audio cabling...
It comes with a “Toslink” cable with protective plastic caps. After removing the caps, you plug one end into the port labeled “digital audio out” or “digital optical audio out” or “SPDIF” on your TV and plug the other end into the port labeled “SPDIF” on the Prozor box.
NOTE: The SPDIF ports are covered with a lid that moves out of the way when you insert the Toslink cable. You may have to find out the correct position by trial and error.
The converter box needs a 5 Volt power supply. It comes with a power cord that you can plug into a USB port on your TV
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By alius
1. Did not work with Sony TV, which has a PCM optical audio outlet.
2. Did not work with Samsung TV, which has a 5.1 Dolby optical outlet.
This is a critical non-feature and must be included in the header, not in the fine print!!
3. Nowhere in the product page it states that the item is ineligible for returns. Amazon shared the reason with me: hazardous material - not mentioned on the product page either.
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By Nick
4.4 | 321 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Having purchased several of these impressive little DAC's from various sources over the past couple years, we felt it was time to chime in with a real review. Spoiler alert: While our initial impressions concur with the vast majority of other positive reviews posted here, we'll mention there is FAR more performance to be had from this device with some minor modifications. If this is potentially of interest to you, feel free to read on, otherwise rest assured even in the original configuration the 'bang-for-the-buck' here is exceptional. Considering the modest cost, we feel it's unlikely to disappoint.

Note that this identical DAC can be found elsewhere online with other brand names on the casing. The original design was apparently by Muse Audio and has been widely copied by numerous overseas manufacturers and sold through many channels. In our experience the internal component quality does vary somewhat, although the general circuit
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By Jayteck
I wanted to test this product carefully before I wrote this review. I got this DAC for ONE and only ONE reason, to get better sound than the build in sound on my Dell XPS computer. The build in sound was provided by a VERY nice Realtek HD chip and I was fine with it (lots of connections). That is until I got a nice set of bookshelf Speakers to go with my sub-woofer attached to my computer. The speakers were a huge upgrade but I felt it also gave me room for improvement on the sound card area. Enter the Signstek HIFI USB.

So I tested this Dac (Signstek HIFI USB ) vs the Realtek HD and also against an old USB Sound card based on the C Media- Multimedia Chipset (CM119 chip) (under $10.00, with headphone and mic jacks, many names at Amazon)

Using headphones
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By Aldo R. Perez
As my headline says, I'm using this bad boy as a digital audio pass-through device
(Chromebook->USB cable->Signstek DAC->coaxial cable->receiver), so that I can properly enjoy my digital music collection on my home stereo. Works like a charm. Sounds fantastic
Unfortunately, I can't comment on this units ability as an actual DAC (the majority of reviewers seem to think it sounds great), but as a bridge, it does the job without any hiccups.
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By Nate Hendricks
4.3 | 618 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Update May 15, 2018
I have increased my rating to 5 stars. I solved the problem of the burst of digital noise by connecting the D1 to a different USB port.

I really want to give this 5-stars because they transformed the sound I get from my computer. My AudioEngine A2 speakers at last live up to expectations and my Sony MDR-V6 headphones also sound great. I used a cheapo USB DAC previous to this one but the sound was very poor.. The problem with the AudioEngine D1 is that every once in a while it spews forth a burst of digital noise at full volume (regardless of volume setting) that frankly will scare the crap out of you the first few times it happens. The cheapo DAC never did this! For a DAC at this price and that is supposed to be audiophile-grade, this is really is not acceptable. But it
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By Drew
I had not been paying much attention to USB DAC in the past couple of yrs. I built a new desktop and had planned to use a Claro halo PCI card. However even though I did get a H170 MB with a PCI slot (dinosaur) due to the size of my graphic card there was no way to use the PCI slot.
Checking my options I started looking at USB DAC, the price has dropped and thats why I hadn't been paying much attention. On the other hand the price of PCI good sound cards are ridiculous.
I can compare this to my ASUS Xonar ESSENCE ST - PCI card which I have used for years on another desktop. That is a great card and I've really enjoyed it for analog from the desktop to a stand alone amp with 2 full stereo speakers. That card
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By MPH101
I am about to order 3 of these, why?
Because they work!
There’s all kinds of things you can say about price and what you expect... blah blah.
I am actually a professional in the A/V industry... so I can speak with just a tiny bit of experience.
The 1 star reviews I’ve read here seem... meh.
If you’ve got a taxed computer, old, loaded with things... lots of stuff going on.
Maybe you’ve visited to many NO-NO websites..?
I can tell you that I’ve used these in several installs that are demanding, they get used every day with sweaty fingers and people that know nothing about electronics.
Here’s the rub, they are used on laptops that don’t surf the Internet, don’t look at questionable web pages, they don’t run printers... have thumb drives or anything else.
These laptops have a network connection, ITunes and a NAS, that’s it.
No problems, not one.
Any problems have been environmental and easily fixed.
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By Scott LaRoche
4.3 | 610 customer ratings
82% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Review of - Easycel Audio Digital to Analog Converter DAC with 3.5mm Jack, Optical SPDIF Toslink Coaxial to Analog Stereo L/ R Converter Adapter with Optical Cable and Power Adapter for PS3 PS4 XBox DVD Roku
YAY! This works.
This product comes with everything needed to connect the TOSlink digital audio output on a new HDTV to the stereo audio inputs on your older analog, stereo Audio Receiver system.
This product includes the TOSlink cable you need to plug into your HDTV. This product also includes the AC to 5V DC power transformer needed as well.
Note, I chose this vendor - Easycel - over the other, otherwise, identical units being sold on amazon, because this one comes with the AC/DC transformer for power, and the needed TOSlink cable, which the sellers of some similar units on amazon don't seem to be including with their package.
The installation of this converter box takes just a
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By Just a Customer
Got a new TV and my old receiver would no longer connect as it doesn't have a digital connection. This converter kept me running perfectly without the need to update to one of those really expensive tuners that have bluetooth and digital connections.
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By Gregory D. Guth
It works great on my Samsung Series 8 TV that I bought in 2018. I used this to connect my ARTISTE wireless headphones RCA jacks to Toslink. A lot people complaining that they get serious static, and it's because they don't go into their audio settings for Roku and Firestick to change them. Even on the TV audio itself. I'm not going to tell you how to do it, because you need to learn yourself. I think buyers make it too easy for work they've already done for people who don't work at fixing it themselves. If this was a hard thing to do, I'd tell you how, but it's too easy. All of your problems can be solved if you change your audio settings, I'll tell you that much. Also, turn the TV's volume down to zero and use the volume controls on your headphones. This little
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By EdwardL
4.3 | 436 customer ratings
81% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I got this to use headphones on an older TV without a headphones jack. And that is the one TV it actually works on. I can use the optical out of the TV or cable box to get the sound to the headphones.

I tried this converter on a newer Samsung 4K TV, but I could not get any audio out of the optical port of the TV or cable box. I even tried a different optical cable to no avail. At least it works on the TV I need it to work on. Strange....

Edit 12-28-17: I got it to work with my newer Samsung 4K TV. guess I did not read the description well enough because I 'forgot' to switch the 'audio type' in the TV from DTS to PCM. As soon as I did, it worked. The sound is not as crisp as from other sources, but it is
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By Retired Techie
8/13/2019 - i originally purchased this back in 2017 for one of our TV's. it worked so well i totally forgot about it, until yesterday when i started hearing popping noises? checked everything thought it had gone bad but i was wrong. the usb wall adapter i had been using went bad not this device. i swapped out the bad one with a spare i had and all was good again. so to sum it all up this device has been rock solid reliable. i would absolutely recommend this to family or friends.

many newer televisions only have digital audio out. if like me you have traditional wired speakers or want to use headphones you are out of luck. i had tried another similar item a few years ago but that one didn't work. this being powered via usb & based on reviews i had high hopes and wasn't disappointed. our
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By MikenzCO
Samsung televisions are not made with a headphone jack on the sides, so if you are like me where you are trying to retrofit your TV so that you can use your headphone then you will need the upgraded / more expensive model which has a Volume Control Knob. On the back of your TV, the optical out signal is "FIXED". The signal does not go up or down. Even if you try to use your TV remote control to adjust the volume level, the volume will always remain "FIXED". This is because your TV was not originally designed to be used with a headphone jack. This product does in fact work as advertised, it is an excellent product. But most people will find that the "FIXED" volume level is slightly too loud. If you are running this adapter to a separate audio receiver (home theater system) that has a
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By Leo
4.3 | 357 customer ratings
80% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Works as advertised. I just replaced a 20 year-old Samsung TX-R2735 TV, pretty much analog everything, with a new Roku Smart TV. I used to run audio from the old TV though an even older and thoroughly analog Optimus STAV-3100 receiver amplifier. Didn't use it all the time because the sound from the Samsung TV was for the most part pretty robust. However, the overall sound quality from the new Roku Smart TV while pretty good, is not nearly so robust as the old Samsung. I wanted to boost its sound quality. Needed a way to convert the Roku's optical digital sound output into a analog signal that could be piped through the Optimus AMP which of course has no optical/digital sound input capability. Received my Neoteck DAC Coverter today and within just a couple of minutes had it up and running. Everything is sounding wonderful.
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By J. C. Westervelt
I wanted to enjoy movie while my kids slept in the other room without sacrificing the volume level.
I immediately thought headphones but using them on a Samsung LED TV turned out more difficult than envisioned.
One can't just plug in the headphones or use traditional AV jack converters.

The problem with modern television is the digital output.
Traditional headphones are analog.
This is where this digital to analog converter comes in.
And glad to report that it works well.

Do not forget to get the one with the volume control ON the converter.
Volume control in the TV will not adjust volume on the DAC.
That is, the digital output is constant and has no control.
The DAC needs to do it.

Other than this minor inconvenience, I can finally enjoy a movie in its full glory without waking up my kiddies or purchasing an expensive an Bluetooth headphones or a stereo system.
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By Henry
A while back I connected my ampilfied JBL speakers to my Vizio TV analog audio outputs. This worked, but was low on volume and had an annoying 60Hz buzz in the background. I bought this converter to solve both these problems. And boy did it work great! The buzz is gone and the volume level can be set to super loud. I am really impressed with the top quality engineering put into this product. The supplied optical cable and USB cable were of very good quality. The converter is powered by the USB port on my TV. Nice! The only disappointment is that I discovered my Vizio TV remote doesn't control the volume of it's optical audio output port. Good thing the converter has a volume knob to set the level.
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By Roy the reader
4.2 | 2,255 customer ratings
80% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I had the same experience as many others here:

I setup the cables perfectly, turned everything on, and got nothing but static. Not exactly how you pictured a 5 Star review starting, huh?

Before packaging everything up and starting a return, i decided to check out these reviews. And here i read multiple accounts about people having the same issue with a simple fix.

If you set this up and hear static, check your TVs audio settings. It may be under the “advanced” or “expert” settings. You need to make sure it’s set to PCM (or an equivalent) and NOT Dolby. This converter cant handle the Dolby signal. (Which makes sense. You’re buying this converter to take an optical audio signal and convert it to the white/red left right RCA signal).

I made the adjustment on the tv, and instantly it’s working perfectly. My father in law is happy to have his new 4K
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By Mike K
Yes this works to hook up a stereo receiver with only RCA input to a 2016 Samsung KS 8000 UHD TV. which doesn't have RCA cable output! Those were the exact words I was looking for when I was trying to figure out which converter to buy out of the dozens of choices and untold apparent issues regarding whether it can decode 5.1 audio or Dolby Digitial output down to a 2-channel receiver. OMG. Well guess what, this unit can through the Optical port. But the overall issue of what works with which TV is very confusing to for a layperson! So this TV does have Dolby digital 5.1 output. And the Optical Output option will work: Maybe that port doesn't send a Dolby signal? I don't know.

It's quite simple: the optical output port with the optical cables attach to the TV side of the converter and the
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By Peterson
I have smart HDTV that didn't have RCA ouputs to send audio to an older amp/mixer. It only had optical out and HDMI ports. I tried a few different things and then I went online searching. The search ended with a need for a converter. This device solved a very annoying problem. I was able to bring new life to my once expensive amp/mixer. I would recommend this! If you find this review helpful, please click 'helpful' button at the end of this product review. Thanks!
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By CTN412
4.4 | 166 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought my mom a sound bar for her TV as a gift only to find that the TV did not have an optical out or HDMI, it only had a coaxial output for sound, and the soundbar only accepted HDMI and Optical. Whizzotech Coaxial to Toslink Optical Digital Converter to the rescue!!! This was exactly what I needed to get the soundbar to work. It was really easy to install, completely plug-and-play. I'm happy that it was easy to install and my mom is happy with her improved sound!
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By David D. Goodno
I was told I would have to buy a new TV because the sound bar I bought has an optical input and my television has a digital output that isn't optical. So I started perusing the web and saw this gadget on Amazon. It's a wonderful thing, and actually works as described!! Thanks again Amazon!!
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By Kindle Customer
Works as expected with no real issues and no setup required. Just plug it all in and it's off to the races. The only thing preventing me from giving it 5 stars is the AC adapter has a red LED on it, which I find annoying as I don't want a red glow behind my TV so I had to cover it up. It would also be great if instead of operating on 9 volts they either went with 5 or 12 so it could be powered via USB and not need a wall wart at all and just power up and down with the TV via its' USB port. It's a power vampire the way it is now, like so many other consumer electronics.

Anyhow. I would absolutely buy another one of these if I ever have the need. An affordable product that works exactly as it should is a
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By Maxwelhse
4.2 | 1,117 customer ratings
80% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Does what is supposed to do and quite well been using it is imagine 5 months and is has great sound quality espially going from optical to RCA or optical to any music bar even has heahphone size female port and includes all the cords this thing is great

If this review was helpful to you Awesome! Please click the appropriate button
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By Andrew
So my rating is based more on the customer service than the actual product itself.
I ordered this for my new Samsung 6300 series Smart TV which doesn't have RCA or headphone out, so I could still use my headphones on the treadmill. All the necessary cables were provided, and the install was easy. I got it to work just fine with the TV, but unfortunately when I used netflix or amazon instant video, the sound just stopped entirely. I tried looking into audio settings, etc. and tried converting to PCM (as was suggested by support) but nothing seemed to help, so it didn't work for what I needed it for.
But... the customer service was great. They emailed me when I ordered, and responded to emails promptly. They tried to help find a solution and when it was clear it likely wouldn't work, offered a refund on the product which was
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By M. Adams
4 Stars for now, 5 after a month or 2 and it still works.

As the headline reads, I have a JBL Charge 3 that just sits on my dresser for most of the time. Until now! Even the bass comes thru nice and clear. I have a 32" Samsung UN32J400D. TV speaker is awful. But now I have a minie soundbar I guess.. Either way, it's being utilized and sounds great!
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By Richard
4.2 | 1,029 customer ratings
79% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought a new Samsung 4K TV just to find out that they did away with all type of analog sound outputs and has no bluetooth capability... that was a problem for me especially that I wanted to use it with my SONY wireless RF headphones bought at the same time. These use 3.5mm audio jack. So had to buy a converter to accept the digital optical output from my TV and convert to a analog to plug in the headset. A lot of similar products are on offer, I opted for the Neoteck DAC... So far, extremely satisfied! Got it in no time, didn't have to buy anything extra, comes with the optical cable which I plugged together with he usb power cable to the TV, plugged the 3.5mm headset jack to the DAC, et voila... working perfectly, no interference, strange noises or anything like that.
In short, you
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By Salam Abdelaziz
My son has an Xbox One S plugged into a PC monitor, but the audio out of the hdmi cable into the monitor was always disappointing with a PC sound system with a subwoofer siting right next to it. So I noted the digital out on the Xbox and did some research, this looked like I’d be able to digital of the Xbox into this (SPDIF) and then out via 3.5mm to the input of the PC sound system (the system we have connects to the PC via 3.5mm so I bought a splitter and have both connected now). Sounds great! Worked exactly as needed and I can hear my son blasting Red Dead Redemption 2 right now. Problem solved!
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By Kordless
I purchased this because the RCA audio on my flat screen was terrible. It had lots of noise and was virtually useless to feed a soundbar. This converter solved the problem. It produces exceptional quality audio with zero noise. I also wanted to use headphones and was thinking I would need a headphone amplifier. Happily, that proved not to be the case. Even though the audio output is fixed- it is at the perfect listening level for the different headphones/earbuds that I tried. I am very happy with this purchase.
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By B.L.
4.2 | 623 customer ratings
77% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
First, some of the stock images are outdated. The model I got (From Amazing Deals Online) also has a Line Out for headphones in addition to the RCA plugs even though that is not listed in the specs for this cheaper model. As far as I can tell you get the exact same unit here as you do in that other thread ( it just doesn't come with an optical cable which I didn't need. The toggle for optical/coax has been moved and is now a slider on the back of the device. If you look through the images here and in the other FiiO D3 thread that comes with an optical cable ( you will see some of the updated images that don't have that metal toggle switch.

I am using this with a very inexpensive Emerson TV (LC391EM3) I got at Walmart. It only
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By Andrew
I bought this for a slightly more unusual use -- as an external "soundcard" essentially. I use the digital outputs from my computers (optical from one, coaxial from the other so I can just switch between them with the flip of a switch) to use this as an external DAC. From here it connects to my headphone amp (a CMoy with an AD8620 -- a simply amazing sounding DAC even if it's a tad power hungry that makes it sound far better than a CMoy) directly. As a DAC it just sounds absolutely amazing. It has better clarity and quality than any I've used up to now, including some external "soundcard" type DACs like the Alien DAC. There is a bit more of a noise floor than some of them, but I still have to turn the volume dial up so far that if it
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By Nazosan
I added this to my vintage SACD player because the stock internal DAC was harsh when playing CDs. Using Sennheiser headphones I was immediately impressed with the sound quality. The Fiio digital to analog converter sounds many times better than my Samsung SACD players DAC. No harshness, warm and accurate sound. The Fiio 24bit/192 kHz Wolfson DAC chipset really made a difference for the better.
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By KnottySpirals
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4.6 | 71 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
First let me start by saying this all started after my daughter gave me a pair of FoCAL ELEGIA headphone as a gift. I have always complained about sound quality of MP3 and streaming music. This DAC has helped in the pursuit of better quality. And Amazons HD music service. Still learning and will update when I have learned more.
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By steve
Does a great job turning bits into analog sound. I could listen to this for hours. Very nice. I have it paired with an SMSL headphone amp and Audeze LCD-2 headphones. Also have used it with Fosi audio amp and micca speakers. Both set ups give great sound.
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By R. Horn
Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer will highlight the faults of digitalized music but this DAC device plays it brilliantly. Amazing amount of natural detail. Holy crap, blown away!
Using AmazonHD service on IPad plugged into DAC with a MIDI cable. DAC output to receiver with RCA cable.
No need for a CD player. Game changer.
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By Al
4.4 | 107 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this item so we could hook up a wireless headphone along with our external speakers to our new LG tv. The tv only had one optical connection and I needed both our external speakers and the wireless headphone to work at the same time. This splits the optical audio so I can listen to the external speakers and my husband can use the headphones at the same time. It is an easy way to solve the problem by plugging the optical cable from each item into this unit. I would recommend this item.
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By tabbylove
I wear hearing aids and they can be paired to a Audio transmitter which connects to the TV via coaxial, 3.5mm, or optical cable. My new 65" LG tv ONLY has one audio output and that is optical and it was going to our sound bar.

This was a perfect solution. The cables included are very nice quality. It has a small footprint and there is no loss of sound quality (but again, I'm pretty much deaf so what do I know).

A small price to pay so that everyone else can enjoy the sound bar and I can hear the tv clearly transmitted to my hearing aids.
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By Keith Motes
I previously said this seemed of solid construction and time would tell of quality. I finally got things moved around where I could try the splitter and can't because the cables they sent with the splitter won't stay plugged in, no way no how. So, I have no way of knowing if they actually will transmit the signal and if the splitter will split. I've ordered another brand of cables to see it things will work but potential buyers should consider this issue before making purchase. If they'll scrimp on quality cables then internal construction of the splitter might be scrimped on as well. Once I get the quality cables and can try the splitter I'll advise more but even if they work the best I can see is 2-3 stars because of the cables. 04/30/2020 update: Received the better quality cables yesterday,
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By pardad
4.6 | 64 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This product works perfectly. It's well-built, solid and extraordinarily reliable. The metal construction is very nice and is heavy enough so the switch doesn't slide around or pop up from the weight of the optical cables. The remote works perfectly. The optical cables plug in perfectly with that reassuring click. I've never had any audio drop-outs or problems with this switch. I even have a 35 foot optical cable plugged into it from my media player and it's never skipped a beat. The USB power is perfect and elegant for saving power brick clutter. I used one of the 2 unused USB ports on my Motorola set top box to power this switch.
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By Nick A. Liveris
Works great. Looks good. Would prefer output to be on back instead of front. Also, would have preferred they actually provide a power supply inside the box. Setup was easy. Enjoy that there is a power on/off. I have no issues with sound quality. Remote works well.
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By Sir Galahad
Bought this to connect a few high end audio components. Plugged the first one in channel one but decided I wanted it in channel 2. I pulled it out and the door went flying off, rendering that input now useless. Cheap plastics. Garbage now.....
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By pixel princess
4.1 | 2,295 customer ratings
78% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This box works well and would get 4 or even 5 stars, but the USB power cable is very cheaply made. After one month the cable began to show itself unreliable where the slightest movement causes the box to loose power.
I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with the seller of this item! Their support should be a model and example to others. They made good on the faulty USB power cable where everything is now working perfectly. Thank you so much for taking the time to care about one customer. I look forward to continued business with you.
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By enr
I bought this DAC to use my XBox One's digital optical output with my speaker system that has 3.5mm analog inputs. I had previously tried to use Goronya Digital to Analog Audio Converter, Digital Coax and Optical Toslink to Analog Audio Converter Adapter--Changes Digital Coaxial or Optical SPDIF into Stereo 3.5mm Jack or L/R RCA Audio Output, but found that certain sound effects in games caused a distinct crackling or clipping sound which was very annoying. Two different units both had the same problem, so I believe it is just poor hardware. I then tried Insignia Optical/Coaxial Digital-to-Analog Converter - Black which I had bought from a home theater store while trying to get everything set up; this DAC did not have the audio clipping, but as soon as it stopped receiving an optical signal, i.e. when the XBox was powered down, it began causing horrible popping
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By A. Bush
May 2020 update: in mid March the toslink cable near the end that was attached to my TV's plastic sort of (best way to describe it ... not as extreme as it MAY sound) sort of melted a bit and got stuck (it was already not working at that point) ... trying to pry it out with needle-nose plyers I ended up breaking the cable (again it was already not working) ... I just got a replacement cable today and it's much better quality and i can 100% report the DAC still works perfectly fine... so the toslink cable heating up/not being the best quality LONG TERM MAY be an issue ... if you already have another toslink cable or go buy one ... you're good to go ... I still recommend the DAC itself

I was looking for a way to get the audio out from my new TV
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By Xmetal