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Author of the best-selling Divine Dungeon, Completionist Chronicles, and Full Murderhobo series, Dakota Krout was chosen as Audible's top 5 fantasy pick of 2017, has been a top 5 bestseller on Amazon, and a top 6 bestseller on Audible. He draws on his experience in the military to create vast terrains and intricate systems, and his history in programming and information technology helps him bring a logical aspect to both his writing and his company while giving him a unique perspective for future challenges. Publishing my stories has been an incredible blessing thus far, and I hope to keep you entertained for years to come! -Dakota Find me here: My Website: MountaindalePress.com Facebook: Facebook.com/TheDivineDungeon Get access to early and exclusive content: Patreon.com/DakotaKrout Tweet at me: Twitter.com/DakotaKrout Chat with me on Discord: https://discord.gg/C3mEUSJ9CS

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