About the Author

A published novelist and magazine editor, Jason Russell has been producing literature for as long as he can remember. He resides in Western NY where unnaturally long winters aid in his ability to develop (and escape to) fantastical worlds. What books are you reading now? While waiting for George RR Martin to deliver the next installment in A Song of Ice and Fire, I’ve been busying myself by revisiting Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time, Kate Elliott’s Crown of Stars and Brandon Sanderson’s The Stormlight Archive. What draws you to this genre? I typically alternate between science fiction and fantasy in my novel work and while many argue that they are essentially the same thing and thus deserve to be lumped together, I support the idea that at that their core, they are actually opposites. The former, to me, is about technology and how it has enhances the lives of its occupants; faster-than-light travel, medicine, galactic unity while the latter is the near elimination of technology. Fantasy allows me to reduce man to a much simpler place in time. What's next on the horizon for you? The first book of my epic fantasy trilogy Rogues Academy Saga will be arriving May 15, 2016 from Kellan Publishing in both print and digital. Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jrussellbooks/

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